First read, then speak


To some people,

You can read awful FB posts, chit chat on WhatsApp, spend hours on insta but why can’t you read simple instructions that, by rule, are necessary to be read?!!!


Would you be able to state while getting hired, during interviews, that “I know this and that application, I know so and so techniques, I am highly skilled at what you want….but there is a condition, I refuse to read. I refuse to read simple instructions. I depend only on an oral walkthrough.”

No, you won’t say that. You know you won’t get hired. Even if you are, you might be tricked later!!!

So, it is better to start reading and then asking for clarity.

If you have a kid, would you like his/her teacher teaching things orally, just in air, without books, without words on screen/paper? I guess, NO.

So, read. It will help you with everything, it will help to progress.


Published by Sneha

Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

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