Upgrade Your Convos

“Fight the communication gap, not with others.”


Problems That Arise due to Suspended Communication

  1. Missing the deadlines: People in conflict are not focused on one goal and may get busy taking issues personally. Thus, they miss the targets of a task and are unsuccessful in timely delivery.
  2. Gossip and complaints: When people do not agree on common targets or ideas, they complain and try to find errors in it. This may also lead to gossips. .
  3. Cliques or formation of sub-groups: When issues are not resolved, some people may become a part of some other groups where they feel they would be accepted and heard.
  4. Sub-par quality of work: When the instructions are not clear or haven’t been communicated at all, it will surely affect the quality of work.
  5. Poor performance: Suspending communication with a person may make him or her perform below expectation. Goals and ideas must be shared clearly with everyone in a team to meet the expected result.
  6. Bullying: A person who has been isolated from a team may become the centre of bullying. People may judge him and throw negative remarks at him.


Various Reasons Why Some People Stop Communicating to Others

  1. Don’t like what the others say.

Solution: They must think of someone who doesn’t like what they say. So, it rather benefits when you are a good listener. After all, it improves personal skills!

  1. Misunderstand others.

Solution: It must be taken lightly because different people see things differently. “Your right may not be their right.” Patience is required to start the conversation again!

  1. The others brag.

Solution: People must ensure not to get envious of what others say. They must find the reason why others brag. Simple conversations will be helpful!

  1. Fight over a tiny matter.

Solution: No one is perfect. No one should expect much from other people. It is important to be supportive when someone needs it. Replying politely, no matter what, is the key to unlock closed doors!

  1. Call each other names.

Solution: Be tactful! When people try to hurt others, they feel the pain first of all! Being respectful during conversations will benefit and earn back the respect.

  1. Tension in their family.

Solution: Meeting people with a smile never goes wrong. People need to offer support and be joyful while accompanying others who are facing family issues. They must be appreciated often for their good work.


Ways to Keep the Conversation Going

  1. Convey clearly: While talking to someone, while chatting or sending a mail, convey your messages clearly in a dignified manner. Do not use a tricky statement. Smile or send a smiley wherever needed.
  2. Politeness: This is one such value which lets others open up a conversation. People do not see any danger zone around and speak freely.
  3. Asking questions: While talking ask questions to others on the topic they are discussing. If you can’t, just say, “Tell me more”. This keeps everyone’s interest alive.
  4. Using a body language to show interest: Never appear uninterested in a conversation. Choose the right body language to show that you are interested in a conversation. For example, nodding, smiling, bending forward and lifting your eyebrows slightly.
  5. Picking up a story: Read enough books and articles to never run out of topics to discuss with others. If there is nothing in common to add in, use the current affairs to your advantage. Music, fashion and sports interest many people.


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