Woman I am (short poem)

~~~~~~ Woman I am; Special and unique, Bold and mystique. Woman I am; Silent and golden, Pink and paean. Woman I am; Bright and cheerful, Shining and beautiful. Woman I am; Glorious and wise, Right and precise. Woman I am; Mindful and alert, Clever and smart. Woman I am; Pretty and free, A single versionContinue reading “Woman I am (short poem)”

That’s all for me

Some of my funny thoughts in a rhyme- ~~~~~ That’s all for me Tales and experiences, Struggles and achievements, Highs and lows, That’s all for me. Travels and halts, Merits and falts, Hugs and quarrels, That’s all for me. Fun and blues, Silence and ados, Colours and hues, That’s all for me. Foes and friends,Continue reading “That’s all for me”