Those that wait 

I was listening to a colleague of mine whose soldier brother is posted somewhere close to Uri . I was moved when she told us that in each & every photo & painting hung on the walls of her house she sees her brother’s face. As we were talking about Uri attack , she made us realise what it is like to wait every minute for a message from a family member posted in that area. As we were talking she switched on her phone and a day long awaited sms appeared on her phone, from her dear brother, informing everything was fine with him.It doubles her pain because she has had the pain of losing her soldier father during Nagaland naxalite attack, in 2004. 
As our conversation went ahead she told us that she was in Std. 9 when her father was martyred. She had not known about children without fathers before herself. This changed her small family’s life forever. Everywhere she went after this incident she could only spot fatherless children. They caught her attention. The family did not have their own house then but her mother somehow managed to make one with whatever amount they had & also with the help of the fund from the army. Her brother who had passed 12th Std. had to give up studies to earn bread and butter for the family. He worked in local shops for 2 years. But destiny had some other plans. He cleared NDA exams in third attempt & was inducted in the army. I was told that he not only received his own training but due to his brilliance he could work as an instructor too. He is a Major now, married and has a beautiful daughter. 

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