Mother, my God

​Mother O’ Mother,

There is no one other

Who I can call a gift

So precious!

You stayed awake,

When I didn’t sleep.

You stayed close,

When I would weep.

Dear Mother,

You are a pillar,

A support, an anchor,

To cling to.

Whenever I had nightmares,

I woke up,

Looked at you, beside me,

In relief and

Quietly held your hand.

Mother, you had,

A sad story,

Of unfilled dreams,

Of broken links.

But you made,

A history with,

Strength, determination

And conquered hearts.

I know, I have not been,

Very good at times,

But believe me Mother,

I have tried to look within

And correct myself.

I am trying,

To build an abode,

As beautiful

As your hands,

Wherein you find,

Some peace of mind.

Wherein you stay,

Happy and healthy.

You are my Sita,

You are Uma

And my Bhagwad Gita,

O’ holy soul,

O’ Buddha, O’ my Mother,

I owe you everything.

You brought me into light,

You gave me breath,

Twice in my one life.

You are the definition

Of motherhood,

I bow to you.


Published by Sneha

Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

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