Education is Positive

Pertaining to the evolution of human kind, education is never negative.

Education is a positive aspect of civilisation.

If someone becomes a terrorist and had obtained highest degrees, you can’t call him educated. It is just the literacy.

The negative literature/training is that he/she was taught and he/she pursued wilfully. This also means the person was not taught to differentiate between the good and the bad; the person himself could not comprehend.

Education will not let someone become a terrorist how depressed he/she might be. The sad part is there are supporters and promoters of negative literature/training who are aware of its negative impact.

There are very few people/institutions who work for and promote rehabilitation and reformation. They also receive less aid and support.

What about the educated ones? If capable and educated, why do people not lend their hands to promote it?

You can’t be educated and store your education in the drawers or just make money because of it. You surely store the certificates you obtained after learning a subject/course; and it is not enough to call yourself educated.

Education will take you to the right path. The right path leads to a destination where kindness, humanity, justice and peace reside. Education will lead you to making right choice.

You choose to be right when you are ‘educated’.


# Views are personal

Published by Sneha

Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

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