Pleasures await our visit (short poem)

I know, time and tide wait for none,

It was good to catch up with you once.

Have we lost the track of time?

Or have we forgotten how to smile?

Haste, worries, work and gain,

Lifetime is lost in catching the train.

Simple pleasures await our visit,

Pool of responsibilities, no time to exit.

We always smiled like a bloom,

Now it happens once in blue moon.

Parks, dinners, movies and fun,

All are on the verge of elimination.

Says Sneha, materials meet extinction,

Let’s collect memories for the long run.

There is one life to share and forgive,

To yourselves, give chances to live.


Image captured by me (April 2016)

Published by Sneha

Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

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