Duty (Poem: My tribute to martyrs of India)

Dear Readers,

I am a writer and my work remains incomplete if I do not pay respects to the martyrs of my country through my writing.

We Indians are in grief because our soldiers were killed by a coward terrorist’s suicide bombing in Pulwama (Jammu and Kashmir, India) on February 14, 2019 ; but nonetheless we are proud of these brave hearts, our brothers who had chosen service above self.

We are living a safe life because of our soldiers, our policeman and all those who are in such services.

Please read my poem and spare a moment to pray for their departed souls and their families, their children who will now never be able to see their soldier family members in a physical form.


Died in the line of your duty,

You reached heaven

What did you leave behind?


Lessons for others to follow—

That service above all

Nation above family,

Family above self.

A soul’s sole purpose,

Attaining divinity.

Your choice,

To be a soldier:

The most selfless service—

Path to divinity,

Path to heaven.

You, a divine soul—

Be born to me, as my child,

In your next birth;

For I desire privilege.

Privilege, you know—

To be a mother

Of the one

Who believes in service.



Image Courtesy: Times of India

Featured Image Courtesy: Business Today

Link for the news: https://m.businesstoday.in/story/pulwama-attack-live-updates-pm-modi-to-chair-cabinet-meeting-denies-role-in-blast/1/318898.html

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