My First on Office Wear

Began learning to write on fashion

Kristine was talking to Rachel about her travel plans in the upcoming holidays. She told Rachel how she had managed to create a wardrobe full of clothes relevant to each and every place she would be visiting. Rachel was a keen observer. So, she asked Kristine how she manages to solve her work wear dilemma. At this moment Kristine did not have much to say. She just smiled and said, “Whatever I like, I wear it to work.”

Work wear dilemma is something that is common to women all over the world. Whether you are a manager, a fashionista or a teacher— every one of you face it every day or may be during some special days, such as office meetings or office celebrations.

Fashion trends change every year—the old fashion renews after every few years. Fashion trends also change globally when everyone is after one common issue. When the seasons change, your clothes must be appropriate to save you from the weather conditions.

First of all, it is very important to clear your head and ask yourself what you are comfortable with. Simply copying the celebrities or buying expensive clothes will not work for you always. Your target should be to get rid of the work wear dilemma and save yourself time for other things.

Try to choose the right colours for the office wear. Instead of saying, “Don’t tell me which colour I should wear” or “All colours are beautiful” you must go for some colours that would suit your look, match your style, make you comfortable and don’t make you super conscious!

Next, look for clothes that are not too tight or too revealing. You would be attending several meetings throughout the day, meeting all sorts of people, make them appreciate you with their eyes! Also, take care that you don’t appear dressed up for an evening wedding function or an exotic beach stroll. It would be better to visit a blog or a vlog that can help you with some clothing ideas. It is better to keep reading and remain aware than to waste your money on unnecessary clothes.

Sometimes, different workplaces have different codes of dressing. The employees are expected to be in clothing described in the workplace policies. From Monday to Thursday, they are required to dress up in shirts and trousers, skirts and collared tops, salwar suits or sarees (as in India) or even polo t-shirts and trousers. Does your office also have a work wear policy? Have you ever read it? If you follow it, you are actually trendy. If you are not, it is the high time to dress-up right and make others around you turn their heads. Let them guess, you must be high on dressing sense!

Your shoes are an important part of your clothing. You cannot ignore them. Choose the shoes in trend but match the design and colours with the clothes you are wearing. For example, avoid wearing sneakers with shirt and trousers.

Prints will always remain in fashion, whether bold and large stripes or simple, little flowers. See that you match the top and bottom with similar prints. You can match a printed top with a plain skirt or plain trousers. Going for matching colours with different designs is also a style that you can adopt.

Try to express yourself with your clothes if you are really clothing conscious. Of course you have all the right to be the centre of discussion for the clothes you chose to wear at work. So, choose each work wear carefully. Become an inspiration and drive people’s mind.  According to famous American fashion designer Anne Klein, “Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.”

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