Let the Bees Buzz!

Although I am very scared of bees, I still have love for them. I love my surroundings when they are full of flowers, I love butterflies dancing over them, I love the sound of buzzing bees. But, there come the thieves! The flower thieves!The enemies,Of nature and bees!They pluck the flowersWhen others are asleep! Oh!Continue reading “Let the Bees Buzz!”

The Balance Breaker

🤝🤝🤝🤝 I am out in the open,Staring plants and trees,Enjoying the cool breeze,Away from city’s squeeze. But why am I scared?Why does it feel so weird?Breathing out of fear,Even when no other human near. Dear plants and trees—A blessing you have been,Grateful I am for every breath,And the oxygen you release. But how do IContinue reading “The Balance Breaker”