Are you seeking something?


We humans are seekers!

After millions of years too, we are engrossed in seeking, seeking all the time. Someone is seeking for gf/bf, someone is seeking for a job, someone is seeking for food, clothes and shelter and someone is seeking how to increase followers. Someone doesn’t even know what he/she is seeking for but really seeking something!

So, where has your quest led you to? Are you satisfied with what you have and still searching for something? We want everything in life, the list is unending. You would have heard, “Everyone does not get everything.” But everyone is seeking.

If we don’t, what would we become? What would happen to us? If I don’t get this, if I don’t get that… Nothing unfortunate will happen. This life will take you where your mind is actually focussed. Focus is everything. It develops from our continuous thinking about something. Instead of focussing on the consequences, we must focus on the process. We can turn the course of our thoughts for a real, required outcome.

Seeking all the time is not bad, seeking clearly is beneficial. Seeking with a clear goal is important as it does not confuse the brain. You will see what you are seeking, you will reach where you want to.

Published by Sneha

Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

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