The Little Prince: Children’s story for adults

Sharing some heart-touching dialogues from the movie, The Little Prince (1974)

This conversation takes place between the little prince and the fox!


The Little Prince: “I didn’t want to make you unhappy.

But you asked me to tame you.”


Fox: “I know.”


The Little Prince: “And I haven’t done much good. It’s all been a waste of time.”


Fox: “No. Because you wasted so much time on me, you made me feel very important.”


The Little Prince: “But now I feel sort of responsible for you.”


Fox: “I should have warned you that would happen.”


The Little Prince: “You always feel responsible for what you have tamed.”


The Little Prince tells the Fox how he was loved and taken care of by the 🌹 rose, his only companion on his planet.

“I listened to her, I talked to her and now I feel responsible for her. Because she tamed me”

The Fox shares a secret with the Little Prince—

“It’s only with the heart that one can see clearly. What’s essential is invisible to the eye.”


You can watch the scene through this link

The Little Prince 1974

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