Feel it, Write it

Dear co-bloggers,

This work of mine that I am sharing below is an inspirational essay for those who hesitate to write. There are people who love to read but avoid writing. There are people who are not sure how to begin. This platform of WordPress is wonderful because of people like you who are involved in reading and writing. It is a platform for me to share what I want to and freely. Still I am sharing this work here because I wanted to.


If you can feel it you can write it. Write what you are feeling right then.

Noone will judge your feelings at the time you are feeling something. That is the right time to put your feelings into words. When you write don’t get connected to anyone else but only yourself. Shut your eyes for a moment, check what is going on inside you. While you would be busy checking yourself, you would definitely be imagining something…there…catch it…catch it and “Abra-ka-dabra”, change it into words.

So the path you take is:



Connecting to self






And you are done!

Language? Grammar? Punctuation?

Just don’t worry about all these things. You will gain confidence and knowledge about all of it gradually. Come on! Your English language teacher won’t be marking your diary/notebook/doc. Write in the language you speak at your home, with your family. You never know when your work will inspire others!

If you hesitate to share your writ with anyone, don’t do it. A good way would be to compile everything that you have written. Revisit your work to see if you can make some changes in it. If you don’t want to change it or modify your content, it is absolutely fine. It is your work, you own it!

Try adding images to your writing. Free images are available on various websites, use them.

Share your work only when you want to!

There is one tip I would like to add before ending my writing. Read. R E A D.

Read as much as you can, as long as you can. Read to just read. Read to write…to write better. Words will naturally chase you during the process of reading. Books will inspire you to write. You know, “Books are our best friends.” Enjoy the friendship with paper, words, pen, pencil, or any digital writing material/app. Friendship is a feeling. When you feel it, you will write.


Published by Sneha

Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

4 thoughts on “Feel it, Write it

  1. Hi I have been writing poetry blogs on my knowledge of WordPress for the last two-three years, I did not get good response, just got mail in WordPress saying that you can increase your views and follower by collaborating with other bloggers.your name was also suggested and if you also fall into my category, can you help me by doing a collaboration with me? , Please reply and tell your view on it so that I know what to do in future, thankyou

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