The Rap Song

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The best birthday gift that I received in few years happened in 2019, just 15 days back.

It was from my next door neighbour whose wife’s birthday also falls on the same day.
Whenever I upload the podcast of my poetry rendition, I share it with them too. The couple listens to all that I share, and appreciate it… always!

They appreciate me so much sometimes that I feel like I must practice more to improve my talent. They respect my family equally. Both are beauty professionals and beautiful are their hearts indeed♥️♥️
So, the man, my respected neighbour appears with a Dairy Milk Silk and wishes me mentioning his wife’s birthday as well.

How he came to know about it was through my brother who happened to visit his shop 2 days before the birthday. My brother returned and told me that the lady, my neighbour, also has the same birth date (not the year!!!). I thought I should remember it because often we celebrate several festivals together.

On the date, I went to a temple nearby to thank God for all the experiences I am having currently and also for the good life I have. While returning, I visited the lady at her parlour and we exchanged wishes.
So, the man who was at home that day came with a Dairy Milk Silk and during some uplifting conversations requested me to listen to something he had composed for me. I said, “Please go ahead.” He played a Rap song he had recorded, with music, with my name in it.

As it ended, my family started clapping and were overwhelmed with gratitude. We praised his talent and encouraged him to chase his unfulfilled dream of making a career in acting. He blessed me with all the words he could utter. Since he loves music, I requested him to listen to the first Rap song (motivational one) I had composed. I rendered the Rap as best I could!!! (I am not skilled at it all.😛) And my home was filled with claps as soon as I ended.

Then our conversations went on from music, entertainment to the year in astrology.
I had not expected the day to pass so wonderfully that day. I also received messages from those who I had not seen for really long.
Somebody created a Rap song for me, one of the best birthday gifts in the form I most like! It just made my day, rather the whole year.

I desire, gradually, my renditions are liked near and far and become a source of motivation and entertainment for others!💐

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