The past brought you gifts.


I don’t think it’s wrong to look back at the past.

The past was your teacher,

It brought you here.

You are standing on your two feet,

You are no more an ape.

You are communicating,

You no longer rely on only sign language.

You are thinking something,

You are able to imagine a future.


Your past brought you a present,

In the form of present time.

Be thankful to the past.

You are living freely.

The past forced you to dream for the better.

The past made you work,

For the present.


The present time is really a present, a gift.

How do you feel on getting a gift?

Happy? No?Β 

Yes, even if you do not acknowledge…


A gift does make anyone happy.



Past passed purposefully.

You have made a lot out of your past.

Otherwise, your present would not have been this.


Look around, just look around.

Come on! Literally, look around.

Haven’t things changed?

If not 100% for you,

But there’s a tangible change.


A lot of good things happenedβ€”

That which you really needed, happened.Β 

Now, responsibly, make this present so good,

That it becomes the successful past!


Published by Sneha

Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

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