Are you solution oriented?

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We may not know what will happen tomorrow but we can always learn and be prepared.

Indian Railways sets up isolation wards inside the halted coaches to accommodate new patients of #Covid2019 infection.

The coaches have been equipped with all the facilities that would be needed during the isolation of the patients, such as better electric supply, space and of course hygiene, which is being ensured by keeping it clean and putting up curtains dividing the coach into sections.

If we keep talking about what is already happening, how people are suffering, what the world is going through, who let the virus out of the lab, obviously we won’t get to the results where we would want to reach.

Therefore, it is very important to be solution oriented. The more you think of solutions, the more you will be inclined to seek it during every crisis.

Decide what you want to talk about from now onβ€”what is not working, or what can be done to make things work.

An organisation that employs the maximum number of people in the country and has set a world record!

People first.


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4 thoughts on “Are you solution oriented?

  1. That’s wonderful indeed! Kudos to Indian Railway for coming up with such an amazing innovation, and thanks a lot Sneha, for your nice and very positive piece. Keep it up! Stay blessed! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for your comment Sir! Thank you for reading πŸ™πŸ»
      Yes, Kudos to Indian Railways, I am sure we will become Sone Ki Chidiya once again!

      1. You’re welcome! I appreciate your positivity and optimism which are in fact key to a happy and successful life. All the best! πŸ™‚

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