Classroom Teaching Vs E-learning

You may have read a lot many articles on the topic but here’s “my take” on it. Please overlook grammatical errors.


Teaching is a systematic process which is imparted to learners to enable them to acquire knowledge, develop understanding, apply it to analyse and create something important and useful. After the teaching process, the learning is judged through evaluation.

All over the world the traditional teaching methodology includes a group of students sitting in a classroom with a teacher providing knowledge to them through explanation and use of teaching-learning resources. True teaching does not happen without the use of resources. Prior to technological revolution, the most common teaching resources included charts, flashcards, placards, diagrams, models and laboratory equipment. All these resources are still in use and will never get old.

two girls doing school works

After the technological revolution, the computers became the most important resources in teaching-learning process. With further more advancement, the world started leaning towards e-learning. It uses internet technology to impart knowledge and skills training. Compared to the traditional classroom methods, e-learning emphasizes more on giving control to the learners. They can learn in the type of environment they want; they can select from a variety of methods and topics; and the learners can also learn at their own pace which means they are free to learn anytime.

In e-learning methodology, the focus is more on the learners. All the equipment and resources can be presented in the form of digital models where students appear to have hands-on experience of things by designing, creating, experimenting and taking digital assessments.

It is important to note that students do not get to touch any object themselves. They cannot experience the texture of a product and feel it which actually communicates things to the brain in a direct manner.

E-learning includes all things electronic, and its feeling is not a real feeling. But e-learning has great advantages, one of which is connecting with people and being able to experience the world just by logging in. It is time saving and reaches out to a wide range of learning faculties in a short period of time. Moreover, it comes in handy during lockdowns!

photo of child using tablet computer


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