My Tips For All (short read)


Here’s a tip for all Content- Instructional Designers, content writers and whichever kind of writing You do or want to do.

When you do not know what to put up on paper or on screen, consider:

  • the aim and objective of writing
  • the meaning and definition
  • the why, how and when of a topic
  • the category of your theme
  • the cause, effect and the reason
  • the small or big impact
  • the positive and negative aspect
  • the symptoms, treatment and prevention
  • the problem and the solution
  • the location
  • the data
  • the level of the audience
  • the language

Following these golden tips, your content would get a structure.

Of course, in every writ, all these points are not necessary to be incorporated.

But, it will surely help you to develop a work of your own.

Published by Sneha

Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

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