What are you watching today?


Keep one-point agenda.



(No other explanation is required for these two lines.)


But from learning and experience, I can give two tips that are rarely passed on:

1. Stop watching television.

❗ Idiot box will always remain an idiot.

2. Stop watching irrelevant movies.

❗ People keep televisions switched and it plays on for hours and hours. Watch when it is a real need.

❗The focus is on smart phone and movies and other programmes πŸ˜‚ appear one after another.

▢️ Irrelevant viewing or even television addiction will bug your thought process. Get rid of this habit.


πŸ“– Choose some good books to read. The books will help you develop your imagination and enhance creativity. Books will thus make you intuitive too!


πŸ§’πŸ§ When I purposely started calling television as idiot box (old analogy), my primary grade students used to wonder what I am trying to tell them; some would giggle too! And then gradually, as I would elaborate, they started coming to terms with it.

▢️ This worked and many complaints by parents started reducing. They were at relief. Each PTM had this television-fever story which was seriously treated as I too had observed the symptoms in the classrooms!


Imagination and creativity as a skill have been greatly emphasised by spiritual teachers all over the world. One of its proponents was Osho.


When I was in Grade 10, one day our class teacher Sr. Jaya played his audio on the same topic and thereafter we were after these skills!


Watch yourself, not the idiot box all the time!!

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Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

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