One Month For Self


Change the world,
Save the world,
Heal the world.

Are all the ideas
Of the fear.

Grow trees

Fruits that bear.

Build something

Shape up your desire!


If everyone
For a month
Focuses on self,
There would be
No brigade
To save the world!

Published by Sneha

Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

3 thoughts on “One Month For Self

  1. Being sheltered-in due to Covid19 has certainly given us time to reflect on our self-preservation, self-awareness… but we heed to wants of our loved ones as well. This post, as well as the others I’ve read are timely stories for a difficult period. And, they are exceptionally written!

    1. Yes Lance, we all got time to reflect.
      But whether or not we are in a lockdown, one month to look at our inner beings will actually bring a lot change inside, outside and around.
      I am pleased 😊 you read and replied.
      Since you have published your poetry work, I am enthusiastic to read them all. Thank you for connecting. Do go through my poems and do let me know if you find any of it exceptional…again!

      1. Sneha, you’re absolutely right. It is a wonderful pleasure reading your exemplary blog. And, thank you so sincerely for your wonderful support. I’ll be reading your work as well. Best wishes, Lance.

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