For My Mother


The source of happiness are many,
You can pick up for yourself just any.
But the greatest of all is that pleasure,
Which comes naturally by serving others.


माँ के लिए आसमान से तारे तोड़ कर ला दूँ।
धरती से लेकर आसमान तक फूलों से सजा दूँ।
माँ को हो अगर रेत के कण जितनी भी परेशानी,
उनके लिए खुशियों का पहाड़ ही बना दूँ।



Let me fetch the stars for my mother.
The earth to the sky, let me decorate with flowers.
If my mother has as much trouble as a tiny grain of sand,
Let me make her a mountain of joys.

Published by Sneha

Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

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