Leadership—Learn at Home

How important it is to remain employed and to remain a provider for your family!
When you look at their face, you realise their—hopes, desires, dreams and happiness. Sometimes you may forget what you want.
Being able to provide is so fulfilling. You do feel like a leader although you maybe not for real.
When you develop this attitude, it pushes you to apply it at your work too. Do observe yourself carefully. You won’t back off when you see someone in need at your workplace. Maybe you would go an extra mile to help them out, and not leave without a success.
We all learn things from our home—sometimes ‘what we must do’ and sometimes ‘what we must avoid’.
If we make our homes a primary/secondary and a permanent place for learning, we can surely overcome obstacles in life or work.
We need to strive together at home too, as a team. Isn’t it?

Published by Sneha

Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

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