Pressure Cooker

The pressure of giving your best takes such a place in your mind sometimes, you arrange a meeting but forget to add the link!
Nothing else to blame but past 2 unstable years!
When I was at school, I did not have peer pressure but some self created one to not go below a certain level of percentage or remain in the Top 10, academics and extra curriculars, both.
When I reached higher secondary and then college, the challenges were to get through the exams properly because I was going to have a career ahead.
When I got a career, pressure was external because the so-called future of this country’s future were in a teacher’s hands!
When I transitioned into a different career, the pressure was not to lose the job because I saw laying-offs happening around.
Then, it did happen—a lay off, but at a time when I had complete clarity for what I was actually looking for.
Again, a different pressure—no money, when there was a loan to pay.
No, I am not married! Oh yes, there is very tiny pressure now. Yet my choice.

Sometimes I feel, this keeps me going. Then, sometimes I just close my eyes and get lost to “I have nothing to deal with, I am free.”

© Sneha K, Pen and Book
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