A Universe Within Me

🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆 I am drunk In thoughts Of the big world That is within me! Not world It’s a universe Of which I thought I was just a speck But oh! It’s real. It’s fantastic But not a fantasy It is huge It is pure Free of negatives Yet charged With energy Generating life Bombarding emotions?Continue reading “A Universe Within Me”

My Learning Endeavours

💐💐💐💐 My learning endeavours Taking me to mysterious places Clearing paths, making lanes Guiding me at all my steps Enlightening me with knowledge Connecting dots, developing networks Introducing me to my own dreams As if I had forgotten them due to a disbelief Bringing me into the light Of my own consciousness Digging deep intoContinue reading “My Learning Endeavours”