That Which Grows (short read)



It grows.

The fragrance of love will never fade away. You let it remain within you as an emotion, it will stay. If you don’t, it will disappear. You will either hate or love. If you say you have neither of the emotions, it will be completely wrong. It is up to you whether you want to let it be or let it die. If the emotion of love dies, nothing will persist. This universe was not built with hate. A thing like hate must not even exist. 

Everyone wants to have a good life, rather a great life. Greatness, goodness are all positive vibrations or say constructive. Hatred is not constructive. When you become determined to create something, you put all your effort in it to give it a shape.

What is this? Creation with hate? No. It can’t be. It is your positive vibrations which help you create something. It is because you love creation, you could create.

Love. No conditions attached. Pure. Gentle. Beautiful. Ever flowing.

And a natural tendency of the living beings. It grows. It cannot be destroyed. It may remain hidden for sometime, but it never dies, never fades. It is eternal. It persists. It is because of love that we wish to have a better life.


खरचै न खूटै, चोर न लूटै।

दिन दिन बढ़त सवायो।।

(It does not get spent, it does not get robbed.

It increases everyday.)

Published by Sneha

Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

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