Learning from Parents

Parents—The Daily Teachers 🧓👩‍🦳Even after crossing 60, if your parents are not ready to sit in a comfortable home, relax in a comfortable environment and enjoy their lives, IMAGINE the kind of hard work they would have done all there lives! ❤️🤷All the time, they seek something to do, to create, to manage, to organiseContinue reading “Learning from Parents”

‘Sa’ to ‘Ja’

▶️🎤👍🏻 I had begun teaching while I was still a student. I wanted to become independent and bear my own expenses. I was just 19 and my student was in KG 2. He had a problem making phonic sound ‘ja’ or ज. His surname, that was ‘Jaiswal’, he pronounced it ‘Saiswal’. His ‘Jug’ sounded ‘Sug’Continue reading “‘Sa’ to ‘Ja’”