Learning from Parents

Parents—The Daily Teachers

🧓👩‍🦳Even after crossing 60, if your parents are not ready to sit in a comfortable home, relax in a comfortable environment and enjoy their lives, IMAGINE the kind of hard work they would have done all there lives! ❤️
🤷All the time, they seek something to do, to create, to manage, to organise and to beautify.

⚒️🧷The amount of creativity, logic, patience and emotions they would have put in to transform a house into a home, to transform simple living individuals into responsible children and responsible citizens and contributed to well being of others who are not a part of the family by blood but still were considered a family.

📝 Yes, it takes whole life to learn such lessons. 👍🏻

By the time we turn 60 what would we be like?

Published by Sneha

Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

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