How to come out of a regret?


One often regrets over a mistake or ‘not doing something intentionally’.

There is a feeling of guilt. You blame yourself.

When you continuously think about it, it gets stuck on our mind.

And then day and night you think about it, you make it stronger. Unintentionally.

Why not make a change from today?

If you are regretting over a mistake done unintentionally, over some words spoken unintentionally—think carefully how and why you made that mistake, why those words came out of your mouth.

The next step is to think if it would do some good to someone else. Think, whether it would be able to amend a situation or not.

When you get the clue that a positive outcome is possible, then your job is to remain confident.

Be confident, it will work like magic and it will do the good.

If your mistake or your words happened for no good, then it is the time to reflect, apologize and make efforts to set things right.

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