Task for self-encouragement (3 minutes read)


“Anti-challenges” to boost self-esteem

Start writing all such tasks in a separate notebook.

  1. Wake up 10 minutes before your usual time. Write ‘I am capable enough to do anything I want!’ for 20 times.
  2. If possible, go out for a short walk listening or rather singing a really inspiring song you have ever heard. It doesn’t matter how much of the song you remember.
  3. Spend your day working, whatever you do.
  4. Next morning, wake up 20 minutes before your usual waking up time. Go close to the window/door/balcony. Try and listen to each and every sound for 10 minutes, thinking, ‘I am happy to be alive’. Repeat the sentence consciously 20 times.
  5. Spend your day working.
  6. On the same evening, go for a sunset watch. If not possible, try to look at the starry night or just towards the sky. Give it 10 minutes time. Consciously, experience and appreciate its beauty.
  7. The same night, cook a dish or the whole dinner. It can be cooking with fire or without it.
  8. Now, if you stay with family, friends or a room-mate, invite them at the table. If you serve them something on the plate, it will be one of its kind experiences (for those who have never done it before or have done it rarely).

This was a schedule for one day. You can choose to repeat it until the weekend arrives.

Make a change the next day.

  1. Wake up at 5.30 am. Prepare or get a breakfast.
  2. Go out for a walk. Watch keenly around. Avoid music this morning.
  3. If you can, try to talk to at least 5 unknown people about current situations for at least 3 minutes with each. But, keep the conversations light. Remember to smile while you talk.
  4. Be friendly.
  5. Try to see if the same people meet you again during your next walk.
  6. Spend the afternoon reading something that you had planned to read but were not able to do it for various reasons. At least begin it this day.
  7. Do not spend the evening alone if you stay alone. Go out for eating. Or call someone over. If that too is not possible, and you have to cook, do the cooking in a different way today. Seek some different recipe you have never had.
  8. At some point of your day, do try to help someone.

Within a week, you will notice that:

  • You know more people.
  • You have learnt new ways of cooking.
  • You would have helped many during this new routine


  • Repeat the weekly course the entire month.
  • Bring new changes.
  • Think about your progress, and note down all your feelings and these steps
  • Appreciate yourself. This is innovative.

Be happy. Smile. 🙂

“One smile brings thousand smiles.”

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