Happy Without Humans


The walls are silent

And so are the hedges.

No one knocks at the door.

Nor crosses the path.

Silence, now indeed golden,

Prevails in chaotic hearts.


Stairs and porches,

Balconies and terraces,

And lanes, in silence.

Tea shops and cafes,

The benches in the park,

All awaiting a glimpse of human spark.


Nature on the contrary,

Has its own story.

Thanking the absence

Of wanderers and the ignorance.

At last, it has found its life,

Achieving a much sought balance.


Ahh! You humans!

Why do you fuss?

Look, the birds and insects,

And multi-legged creepies,

The hoppers, the swimmers,

Are all grateful to the virus!


YouTube channel: Sneha Recites – Verbal Poetry Channel

Published by Sneha

Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

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