What’s In A Name? (Short Read)


Your work is bigger than your name.

I never got impressed by any company’s or institution’s name and stature after that of my own school where I studied. I grew up there.


Now having an experience with some big names, I feel that it is better to not get excited by the name. Only its work matters. Name is the brand which gets identified by good work. But it is not the case with every institution or company. Many of you would agree after witnessing the drastic change in the world that big names really don’t matter.


A small institution may not have advertised itself so much, but it may still be doing excellent job and doing everything for its whole staff. Being compassionate and considerate, being fair and responsible are some of those things.


Name building, brand building is important. It is the need of the time.People are doing everything possible to build the brand, marketing their company in every way possible- presenting their products and services.


So, what goes on behind it? Struggles, effort, focus, time, sweat and blood…of the employees who erect the pillars of the brand, who bring the label to the top, who make things possible.


But why are employees compelled to write their sad stories? Why were they not taken care of? Why were they laid of all of a sudden? There are many questions and will keep surfacing time and again.


Yes, it is not possible to make every one extremely happy, it is not possible to fulfill everyone’s demands but HAPPY FAMILIES do exist. Isn’t it?
Then, why can’t happy companies and happy institutions exist?

What’s going wrong…who will see to it?

© Sneha K

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Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

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