Seeds to Fruits

“Live in the present and do whatever is needed for today.”

You sow the seeds, let them have the necessary conditions to germinate.

By working sincerely today, you sow the seeds for tomorrow. You have a fruitful tomorrow because you harvest the fruits only after your plants grow fully.

⛏️Prepare the soil = preparations for growth

Sow the seeds = create something

Let it germinate = let your work grow

Keep watering and manuring = Do whatever is need to get things done and get it going

Let it bear the fruits = Let your work be known

⛏️ Harvest & store = Collect your experience for progress and enjoy the results of your labour

☠️Avoid chemical fertilizers = Avoid unnecessary inputs, avoid what wastes time and effort☠️

“Do not hesitate to celebrate.”

Every activity in this universe is connected. The processes are similar, the tools and requirements may be different.

Because you are the superior beings in the universe you bear a responsibility.


Published by Sneha

Thinker, Poetess, Instructional Designer

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