I Am Moving On

🙋 I am moving on; It’s my wish, To walk ahead, alone. I seek no road To a heaven, Or a decorative abode. I make no excuse To you, I tread, without a push. I don’t wish to lend My feelings, Or a helping hand. I follow a voice Of intuition, Not an intended choice.Continue reading “I Am Moving On”

Feelings and Destiny

Feelings, the toys in the hands of destiny! Destiny—it thinks not, it cares not; Plays like a gamer, a self-entertainer! Pleaded it , “Spare me O’ juggler!” It turned and turned a blind eye. It laughs; holds the feelings in its fist. Destiny—so ruthless. Why so insensitive? Feelings—only a tiny damselfly —fast, curious and hungry.Continue reading “Feelings and Destiny”