Online Poetess’s Story (Short read)


I first recited a poem in an interclass poetry competition when I was in grade 4. I remember the poem was given to me by my, then class teacher, Miss Shirley. The title of the poem was, “Johnny had a Nanny”


Johnny had a Nanny

A lovely lovely Nanny


And these are the only two lines that I remember. I tried several times to search for this poem over the internet but in vain. It is so close to my heart, I remember Miss Shirley giving me a piece of paper with the poem written on it in blue ink. (Yes, teachers and students—all used fountain pens in our school.)

Her handwriting ✒️ was so beautiful. I don’t know who the poet of the poem  was and I don’t know how Miss Shirley trusted me to recite the poem on mic 🎤.

Here I am… doing my own poetry renditions on YouTube and SoundCloud. And only I remember the story; I don’t even know whether Miss Shirley would remember it or not.(BTW I don’t know where she is now.)

No, I did not recite it with great expressions, so, obviously, I did not win the competition!

But the poem did what it had to do! It was some magical poem!!! Yes, magical 🧞‍♂️!

I am writing well enough, as many poems as I can, as best as I can! I am yet to improve in writing and in my renditions—I am doing it because I love it—I love it, maybe that is the reason people like it and appreciate me and my voice so much ❤️

A few years back, I started my poems’ online renditions after winning a 5000 INR (69.5 USD) prize for rendering someone’s poem (as asked by the organisers of the competition). I stood ‘second’ in the competition. I was motivated by a friendly colleague of mine who was sure that if I do it I would definitely win! And I did! I uploaded it on SoundCloud as I had to send the soundcloud link to the online magazine that had put up the competition. This event boosted my confidence and I continued with my soundcloud channel. The poem still exists on my channel [Sneha_K on #SoundCloud #hoteljnu].

I am so thankful to Miss Shirley and the magazine (@SwarajyaMag) who gave me the opportunity to render poems👍🏻. I will be forever grateful 🙏 to them.

I am a poetess, I record my poems and upload them online. I desire▶️ my poetry renditions are heard a⏸️  over the 🌏. I earn from it—I earn love! 

BTW, my name does mean love and affection!!! 

Thank you for reading, Thank you for connecting with me! I ️ this place.

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