Pressure Cooker

The pressure of giving your best takes such a place in your mind sometimes, you arrange a meeting but forget to add the link!
Nothing else to blame but past 2 unstable years!
When I was at school, I did not have peer pressure but some self created one to not go below a certain level of percentage or remain in the Top 10, academics and extra curriculars, both.
When I reached higher secondary and then college, the challenges were to get through the exams properly because I was going to have a career ahead.
When I got a career, pressure was external because the so-called future of this country’s future were in a teacher’s hands!
When I transitioned into a different career, the pressure was not to lose the job because I saw laying-offs happening around.
Then, it did happen—a lay off, but at a time when I had complete clarity for what I was actually looking for.
Again, a different pressure—no money, when there was a loan to pay.
No, I am not married! Oh yes, there is very tiny pressure now. Yet my choice.

Sometimes I feel, this keeps me going. Then, sometimes I just close my eyes and get lost to “I have nothing to deal with, I am free.”

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Leadership—Learn at Home

How important it is to remain employed and to remain a provider for your family!
When you look at their face, you realise their—hopes, desires, dreams and happiness. Sometimes you may forget what you want.
Being able to provide is so fulfilling. You do feel like a leader although you maybe not for real.
When you develop this attitude, it pushes you to apply it at your work too. Do observe yourself carefully. You won’t back off when you see someone in need at your workplace. Maybe you would go an extra mile to help them out, and not leave without a success.
We all learn things from our home—sometimes ‘what we must do’ and sometimes ‘what we must avoid’.
If we make our homes a primary/secondary and a permanent place for learning, we can surely overcome obstacles in life or work.
We need to strive together at home too, as a team. Isn’t it?

Let Me Be Different (Poem)

Hello Co-bloggers,

Please do read my new poem that I dedicate to differently-abled learners. After reading the poem, watch a short movie by Pixar, use the link shared at the bottom.

Let me be different,

Let my dreams fly.

Can you too take a leap of faith, 

And only let me try?

I want to see the world, Momma!

I want to be on my own, Dada!

I want to make attempts;

I don’t care if I fail at them.

I will find my way forward.

For my inabilities, I won’t cry.

Just let me be different,

Let me go high.


The link to the movie “ Float

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I Quote Today


कभी-कभी हम किसी को एक ही रूप-रंग में अच्छे लगते हैं।
परन्तु किसी के भी अस्तित्व के अलग-अलग पहलुओं को साफ मन से स्वीकार करना ही गुण है।

Ignore The Bully

Ignore the bully,

They are silly.

Thus, drain their energy;

Drive them to lethargy.

Have tried multiple times,

Saved myself from those sour limes!

It takes several attempts to learn,

How bully works every now and then.

But you are powerful dear!

One day they’ll surely fear!

For they are made of same substance,

We only need to grab our chance.

I wish for all a smart move;

“I prefer respect, I prove”.

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