Who are you? (Poetry)

💕💕💕💕💕💕 Who are you? Man, so elegant– Came from heaven Or the La-la land. You, Man, so efficient– Toiling day-night Polishing your talent. You, Man, so determined– Winner, chaser, One of your kind. You, Man, soft hearted– Wise and tactful, Never thwarted. You, Man, so amazing. On my mind, Always romancing. You, Man, so attractive,Continue reading “Who are you? (Poetry)”

I Am Moving On

🙋 I am moving on; It’s my wish, To walk ahead, alone. I seek no road To a heaven, Or a decorative abode. I make no excuse To you, I tread, without a push. I don’t wish to lend My feelings, Or a helping hand. I follow a voice Of intuition, Not an intended choice.Continue reading “I Am Moving On”

Take Few Minutes to Read

Take few minutes to read; It’s not less than a treat– To the eyes and For the person who wrote it. Take few minutes to read; It makes you free– From burdens of melancholy. On paths of joy you’ll tread. Take few minutes to read; It keeps you ahead– From the world of chaos YouContinue reading “Take Few Minutes to Read”

रास्ते  (Roads)

रास्ते कितने बदल चुके हैं हमारे, फिर किसी रास्ते पर मुलाकात ना होगी। स्कूल की बेंच पर भी बैठेंगे साथ अगर, बात करने को कोई बात ना होगी। ——— Our ways have parted, Never would we meet again. If we sit on a school bench together, There would be nothing to chat again.